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Ben’s Original Muffin Mix is produced in small batches because we want your muffin mix to be as fresh as possible. Sometimes that means we run out between batches. The next batch is set to ship September 16th. Order between now and September 10th and you’ll get a little extra goodness as a thank you from us.

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Ben’s Muffins Original Muffin Mix contains seven nuts, grains, and seeds designed to be simple to make fresh, provide long lasting performance and taste great too. Ingredients listed in detail on the nutrition label.

Quick to make: mix with egg and banana or apple sauce and microwave for 3-4 minutes. Add nuts, fruit or chocolate chips for endless variations. See more recipes here!

  • 1900mg of Omega-3 per serving from Flax Seed and Almond Flour
  • Low Glycemic Index means you feel full longer; No Added Sugar so you don’t feel tired after eating
  • 5g of protein provide sustained energy for all your adventures


1 bag = approx. 280g.
7 servings (1/3 cup each).
Gluten Free Ingredients

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